Committee on Public Safety

Co-Chairs:  Bill Koontz and Elliot Hanna,,

The mission of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Committee on Public Safety is to assist stakeholders in elevating the quality of life, enhancing safety, and improving emergency preparedness within the community. The committee does this by encouraging personal responsibility and through cooperation with public and private-sector agencies having jurisdiction over the community.

American Red Cross Battle of the Badges

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 *Newly Added Resources*

  • Zombie Preparedness? Absolutely - If you're prepared for the living dead, you're prepared for the next earthquake, fire or flood. Check out this new publication by the Center for Disease Control:
  • Be sure to check out our new guide that's listed below that explains the 411 on 911, 811 and more...
  • Download a copy of the LA County Emergency Survival Guide
  • Check out below our very own Mar Vista - Map Your Neighborhood handout based on and used with permission from Washington State's Emergency Management Public Education program.
  • Emergency Network of Los Angeles (ENLA)

Critical On Line Resources - LAPD Web Site - Pacific Area LAPD affiliated web site - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Web Site or 1-877-a-threat - Suspicious Activity Reporting Web Site - register now for official LAPD email and text alerts to your phone and/or computer. 

Download a copy of the National Neighborhood Watch Manual @ (6.61 MB)

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2010 Year End Crime Snapshot for City of LA1.57 MB
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