Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Mar Vista Community Council actually do?

We're glad you asked.  Please read “What is a Neighborhood Council”, a message from past MVCC Chair, Albert Olson

  • How do I get involved in a committee of the MVCC?

The simplest way to learn about the committees is to click on the COMMITTEES menu item, choose a committee that interests you, find the meeting date and place for that committee, and then show up and take part.  Any Mar Vista stakeholder who attends a Mar Vista Community Council committee is by definition a voting member of that committee.

  • What is this web site?

The Mar Vista Community Council web site is an online resource designed to help inform, engage and empower the diverse community of stakeholders of Mar Vista. It's designed with the capacity to grow in both content and features into a rich, accurate resource for news, information and the many opportunities for participation in our community. While we have worked hard to ensure that you will enjoy and benefit from the web site, it is a work-in-progress. Please provide constructive feedback to help the site improve by emailing your suggestions to